Information on the Wisconsin Historical Society's Dictionary of Wisconsin History:

The Dictionary contains several thousand terms embracing all aspects of Wisconsin history, and grows a little every day. We're continually adding new content ourselves, and so are the users of it. Every day two or three contact me with questions or corrections, and one or two people a week submit new entries to it through the online form that we provide.

A month or so ago, I added a selection of terms from Sorden and Ebert's "Logger's Words of Yesteryears." (Madison, 1956). This book-length glossary began as an amateur's survey of elderly northern Wisconsin residents in the 1930s, and over two decades expanded to include words that had appeared in printed works, shepherded through the press by Sorden, a UW professor. We could use it on our Web site because they failed to renew the book's copyright and it passed into the public domain. I treated glossaries of architecture, railroads, farming, mining, and Great Lakes maritime terms the same way; search "architecture" and you'll get the picture.

My goal is not to include every logging term but merely those that someone reading books or primary sources about Wisconsin might encounter. Searching the Dictionary with the term "logging" will bring them all up; so, too, will clicking on this immense URL:

You and your colleagues could help, if you'd like to, by looking over that list and suggesting important terms that I, in my ignorance, didn't think to include. You could write your own definitions for them and submit them online here:
In the "Source" box we need you to put the equivalent of a footnote or bibliography entry, citing how you know that your term and definition are accurate. You can use other Dictionary entries as a model for these citations. We have volunteers as far away as Quebec contributing terms and definitions this way, in the areas of Wisconsin history that most interest them. Of course, we edit and even reject some suggestions - - the Dictionary's not a free-for-all * but the vast majority of submissions have been helpful and appropriate.

Let me know, if you have any questions, and feel free to start submitting entries through
any time you like.

Best wishes,
Michael Edmonds

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